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Now I fully understand how Nascar drivers feel when they start a race and either have their engines blow or get crashed out. It’s tough to have to wait for the ‘next’ race.

The unanimous decision by the judges is that the Ultra would have to be fixed before continuing on a long trip, unless I wanted to carry a case of oil. Seems there are two leaks, one where the front cylinder attaches to the bottom end, and another that appears to be some gasket higher up. At any rate, a top-end tear down is required. Could have done it in Tennessee, but the repair will cost nearly my entire Sturgis budget, or at least what I would be comfortable blowing on an extended vacation.

So, back to SC for this year. The bike is at Greenville HD, and Chris and I are planning a few weekend trips to Knoxville (the dragon!), Roanoke, Virginia, and Charleston. Maybe even Savannah. Then, there are the Georgia and SC HOG rallies this fall.

I have already rolled over my camping reservations in Sturgis, so next year we will try again, and Chris will be able to come with me. More as the story progresses.


And the day got worse…

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Stopped for gas and a snack and noticed oil running down the timing cover, dripping out of the air cleaner. I had had a problem with oil blowing out of the air cleaner but had it checked. Now it looked like a gusher. I checked the oil and half had disappeared from a full tank that morning. As you can imagine, some profanities were uttered. So, off we drove to Smokey Mountain HD in Maryville, TN. The service guys checked and said it was either 1) a serious oil leak, or 2) old oil that had been rinsed from the air filter element. They kept the bike…will have an answer tomorrow. (Yes, here at the tail of the dragon the dealers are open 7 days in the summer.) Now I’m at the Luxbury Inn (no typo) waiting for tomorrow’s news. A whole day lost and 9 more reservations to cancel and change.

The good news is that I can drive the bike to my home dealer by adding oil every 50 miles so they can do the expected $800-1000 repair. Pretend you hear the sound of a cash register and a trip to Sturgis flushing down the drain. Simultaneously, I might add. Wish me luck!

Well this is a fine mess…

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Of course it figures that the day I decide to leave a cold front pushes through the East. I waited until 9 am then got rained on a couple of miles from the house, so on with the rain gear. Things got worse and I had to stop twice before I got much north of Spartanburg. Pushing on, the rain let up in North Carolina but Mr. Cloudy Sky remained, making the mountain drive on I 40 a little sketchy. I Finally dried out and then the sky opened up. Nothing like maneuvering through downtown Knoxville in the driving rain trying to avoid all the speeding semis. Refer back to the ‘smushed’ comments. Here are some pics:








Previous Post Correction

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Ummm….I meant keep your fingers crossed I WON’T get smushed, not that I will. Now that I think of it, I’m guessing there will be some finger-crossing either way.

Day 1, 540 Miles…

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Tomorrow is day 1, 540 miles of god-forsaken Interstate highways…I26 to I40 to I24…blech! But, if you have to cover ground in a hurry, that is the only choice. To do anything else means less time in the Rockies. Chris is worried I’ll get smushed by a semi, so keep your fingers crossed!

Tent City

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Trying out the tent for the first time. Chris and I bought this a few years ago for a west coast trip we couldn’t take. I am looking forward to camping several nights, especially when the cost is $10-15 instead of $70-100. Should be interesting since I have not slept in a tent since before most of my students were born.


Welcome to the 2011RootBeerUltra Blog!

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Welcome to my 2011RootBeerUltra blog. Why the title? Well, my Harley Davidson motorcycle is a 2011 model year Electra Glide Ultra Classic, or as I like to call her, the old guy’s bike. The paint color is two-tone candy root beer. Hence the name…

Anyway, on Saturday, July 27th, we are off to a bucket list adventure–some might say pilgrimage to the 2013 Sturgis motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. Check out the map for the outbound route, of about 3300 miles. The return trip has not been planned yet, so stay tuned.

Welcome!Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 7.27.24 PM